Laboratory of Biological Networks
  • 04月 12

    2019 | UVGD was accepted!


    We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript entitled "UVGD 1.0: a gene-centric database bridging ultraviolet radiation and molecular biology effects in organisms" is accepted for publication in the International Journal of Radiation Biology.

    Accepted manuscripts will be published as Accepted Manuscript Online (AMO) within approximately 14 days. No changes will be made to the content of the original paper for the AMO version but, after copy-editing, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof, the final corrected version (the Version of Record [VoR]), will be published, replacing the AMO version.

    You will receive proofs for your review before the VoR version. Please be aware it may take up to 8 weeks.

    The VoR is the article in its final, definitive and citable form (this may not be immediately paginated, but is the version that will appear in an issue of the journal). Both the AMO version and VoR can be cited using the same DOI (digital object identifier). To ensure rapid publication, we ask you to return your signed publishing agreement as quickly as possible, and return corrections within 48 hours of receiving your proofs.

    Thank you for your fine contribution.  We look forward to your continued contributions to the Journal.


    Dr. Gayle Woloschak

    Editor in Chief, International Journal of Radiation Biology,