Laboratory of Biological Networks
  • 11月 02

    2018 | 课题组关于代谢通路建模论文被FEBS Letters期刊选为Editor's Choice


    Revealing the metabolic characteristics of human  embryonic stem cells by genome-scale metabolic modeling

    Yangzhige He1,2,3, Yan Wang2, Boya Zhang4, Yang Li2, Lihong Diao2, Liang Lu2, Jingwen Yao2, Zhongyang Liu2, Dong Li2 and Fuchu He1,2

    Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are characterized by a dual capacity, selfrenewal

    and pluripotency, which can be regulated by metabolism. A better

    understanding of ESC metabolism and regulatory mechanisms is pivotal for

    research into development, ageing, and cancer treatment. However, a systematic

    and comprehensive delineation of human ESC metabolism is still lacking.

    Here, we reconstructed the first genome-scale metabolic model (GEM) of

    human ESCs (hESCs). By GEM simulation and analyses, hESC global metabolic

    characteristics including essential metabolites and network motifs were

    identified. Potential metabolic subsystems responsible for self-renewal and

    pluripotency were also identified by analyses and experiments. This first

    GEM of hESCs provides a novel view and resource for stem cell metabolism

    research and will contribute to the elucidation of their metabolic