Laboratory of Biological Networks
  • 11月 23

    2017 | 课题组关于免疫抑制基因的论文今日被Database(Oxford)期刊接受

    HisgAtlas 1.0: a human immunosuppression gene database

    Yuan Liu#, Mengqi He#, Dan Wang#, Lihong Diao, Jinying Liu2, Li Tang, Shuzhen Guo2, Fuchu He* and Dong Li*


    Immunosuppression is body’s state in which the activation or efficacy of immune system is weakened. It is associated with a wide spectrum of human diseases. In the last two decades, tremendous efforts have been made to elucidate the mechanism of hundreds of immunosuppression genes. Immunosuppression genes could be valuable drug targets or biomarkers for the immunotherapeutic treatment of different diseases. However, the information of all previously identified immunosuppression genes is dispersed in thousands of publications. Here we provided the HisgAtlas database that collects 995 previously identified human immunosuppression genes using text mining and manual curation. We believe HisgAtlas will be a valuable resource to search human immunosuppression genes as well as to investigate their functions in immunosuppression in further research.

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